Ichiban recognized at Top 100 Chinese/Asian Restaurant Awards Ceremony

Kam holding Ichiban's award from the 8th Annual Top 100 Chinese/Asian Restaurants Awards Show and Conference

Liu Feng Kai (right) and Kam (owner of Ichiban) at the 8th Annual Top 100 Chinese/Asian Restaurant Awards Show and Conference. Liu Feng Kai is recognized as a Banquet Master Chef, having prepared incredible banquets for many heads of state and political figures. He has been recognized with multiple culinary awards, including Chinese Master Chef.

Wang Tong Gang (left) is noted as one of China’s Master Pastry Chefs. He is one of the 100 most influential chefs in China, and is especially acknowledged as a talented noodle maker. He has won multiple noodle making awards, including an award at the 1990 Asian Olympics in Beijing.

Jimmy Zhang (right), graduate of the Culinary Arts Institute in China, is known for his beautifully intricate vegetable carving. He nurtures a deep love for the ancient art of fruit and vegetable carving, and works to share this art form and to keep its practice alive today.


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